Wasgij Destiny 17: INT 'Paying the Price! 1000 pieces


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  • Type: Jigsaw puzzle
  • Genre: Cartoons
  • Target audience: Adults
  • Recommended gender: Boy/Girl
  • Recommended age (min): 12 yr(s)
  • Material: Cardboard
  • Country of origin: Netherlands


Category:Jiggsaw Puzzles

Wasgij Destiny 17: INT 'Paying the Price! 1000 pieces
Remember the ‘good old days'? Petrol was cheap, less cars, an attendant to pump the petrol and perhaps even wipe the windows! Cars were sold and repaired. Some things never change, but others do - what might be different today?\n\nImagine how the petrol station might look today. The cars will have changed, the fuel will have increased in price, but what about other things? Will people still have time to stop and chat? Are these children still riding bicycles now that they are grown up? Imagine the differences, and the similarities, between then and now. This is the scene you have to puzzle.